Partnership and service

Partnership and service

In addition to providing a good product, partnership and service are important to us. We like to think along with you. Proactively. To further optimise your business processes or to reduce the cost price of your products. Together we increase your return on investment. We are happy to enter into a partnership with you for a longer period of time. This allows you to benefit from our excellent service throughout the entire lifespan of your installation.

Service and maintenance

This includes corrective and periodical maintenance, but also to training and efficiency measurements. Not only do we provide training to your employees on your new powder coating, KTL/ATL or galvanic installation during the commissioning, but we also provide regular training for newly recruited employees to teach them all the ins & outs of the machine and surface treatment. In addition, there are plenty of variables and/or settings that we record during commissioning and can be checked during an inspection. Sometimes, adjustments in one of the sub-processes requires adjustments somewhere else in order to improve the efficiency of the whole process.

Spare parts

Throughout the years, we have built-up a good partnership with reliable suppliers who can provide you and us quickly and expertly with the right components for your installation.

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